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7/31/12 How We Met

That boy.... what am I going to do with him?  I guess my job, as the future wife-to-be, is to make an honest man out of him.  I feel like if I were in a movie, a character played by Kathy Bates would say that to me.  I think we should all take advice from a character played by Kathy Bates.... wait....... I take that back....... Misery....... don't do that!

I told Kevin I that yes, I'm blogging about my experiences at the moment.  I didn't want anyone to know about this blog until a ring is on my finger.  I see it now.....  Everyone I know sees that I post a blog, and they all talk about me because I'm bringing it up too soon.  It makes me look bad.  I can't think of another way to describe it other than saying I sound like a huge spoiled gold-digging bitch, which is not what I'm about.  I'm simply creating a blog to mark the exciting next three years of my life.

So back to what I was getting at.  Kevin knows I'm writing a blog, because I can't keep much from him ever, and now he wants to see it.  I told him no, he's not going to see it, because I'm not ready for him, or anyone to see it.  So what does he do?  He tries to find it.  Story of my life.  He tried everything.  He looked up my name.  He looked up my usual user names.  He even tried to cheat by looking on my computer.  He got my blog name, but still couldn't find it.  Is it wrong that I felt good about it?  But if I'm this hard to find, then no one will read my blog.  Eh, who cares!  I'm doing this more for me than anyone else.  This is my way to mark my future.  So who cares!

As you can see from the title, this post is supposed to be about how Kevin and I met.  I think it's a sweet story, but you can think of it as you will.  This adventure started sometime in March.  If you want the exact date we starting talking, ask Kevin.  I think it was March 22nd, but you might want to double check with him.  I had messaged him about two weeks earlier on OKCupid.  I was a little turned off by the fact he had a profile picture with a woman I assumed was his mother (and I assumed right), but there was another picture of him wearing a cheesehead.  Now for those of you who don't know what a cheesehead is, basically, it's a large foam hat that is shaped like cheese.  This is something you will normally find in Wisconsin (which I'm not from, btw, and neither is he) and is worn at most Green Bay Packers games.  I thought, look, he can't be too bad.  He's a cheesehead!  So I messaged him a very simple message.. "Cheesehead, huh?".

He responded shortly, clearly not sure how react to that message.  I can't blame him, however, men are short, sweet, simple, and to the point.  Why was I going to spend all of my efforts sending a creative message that he probably wouldn't have responded to anyways?  I didn't hear from him for two weeks after that, so I assumed he wasn't interested in me.  I was ok with this.

I went out to lunch with a (now former) friend that day.  He and I were chatting about online dating, which was something we both did.  We tried to find people on the internet and see what happened with them.  He and I both wanted relationships, so we both looked for them and then told each other how it went.  My friend went to drop me off, and I explained to him that guys on the internet aren't interested in dating a job-less, tubby girl.  I wasn't going to get very far.  He reminded me that his pool was also very small, considering he was looking for a good-looking man that didn't smoke or do drugs.  He made a very valid point.  This was the moment I gave up on internet date.  I said that's it!  I've had it!  The only messages I get are spam, and guys don't respond to the messages I send out unless they're a total creep!  (Well, some of them.  Out of my online dating experience, I did meet someone cool besides Kevin.  But just one.)

I walked in the house and went to my computer to delete my OKCupid profile, when I saw I had a message.  It was Kevin.  He apologized  for not messaging me for the past two week.  He just got dumped a couple of weeks prior to me messaging him, and he didn't want to get involved with me until he was over her.  He felt like he was, and he wanted to get to know me.  So he did.  We had similar tastes in music.  Apparently, I say all of the wrong things.  He admitted to me that I set off some red flags a couple of times, such as saying I internet date as a hobby.  I did!  Apparently, you're not suppose to admit to that.  That's bad.

Kevin and I talked for a couple of days, almost all day.  We added each other on Facebook, we gave each other our cell numbers.  Finally, on Thursday, Kevin had asked to meet.  Normally, I'm terrified of my first date.  I tend to find that when I meet someone for the first time, they don't want to meet me for the second.  Or if they do, they're crazy.  I'm not about stage five clingers.  We agreed on Saturday at my local Starbucks.  Friday was a training session at my new job.  This is the first job I've had since I graduated from college, mind you, and it sucked.  I had plans to go out that night with two (former) friends.  Kevin and I were texting all day and then he informed me that his plans feel through.  I, to be polite, offered him to come out with my and my friends, thinking he would never take me up on it.  Then he did.  ::screams every swear word known to man::.

Now I had to make sure that I looked nice, had my makeup done, the whole nine yards.  I couldn't fail him.  And to be honest, I couldn't have asked for a better set of people to be with.  I'm sorry if this sounds mean, but out of the three of us girls, I was the prettiest and the most mature.  The two of them made me look so good!  Also, the one got sloppy drunk.  Needless to day, we had a great time.  Then the sloppy friend wanted a grilled cheese from IHOP.  I mean seriously, who goes to IHOP for a grilled cheese?  Eh, whatever.  This is where our magic moment happened.

I had to do some awful things in the bathroom.  So I did what I needed to, and went back to the table.  The girls and I were giggling and whatnot.  So he had the "What where you girls up to?" comment, just like any other guy would do.  I said something witty about how it smelled in the bathroom.  This is the part when I got real with him.  I'm a real girl.  I tell it like it is at any time.  I flat-out said "I fart, I burp, and I talk about poop."  His response was "I send pictures of my poop to my friends."

That's all he had to say.  That's it.  My eyes glazed over.  I batted my eyelashes and gloated "You do, too?"

That was the moment I knew I found someone I wanted to be with forever.  He didn't say "Ewww".  He didn't cringe, cry, groan, or run away.  He told my parents he was going to marry me.  And I will love him for all eternity.


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