Sunday, August 11, 2013


Well, this has been an interesting week.  Kevin and I put together our guest list.  Yeah, a guest list.

See, the way I think about it is, you can't go anywhere for planning a wedding until you figure out the guest list.  This helps you figure out how big of a venue you need.  Once you find the correct venue, then you can figure out your theme and so forth.

I've been thinking a lot about this.  Apparently, we have a large bridal party.  There is 8 people on each side.  Yeah, that's a 16 person bridal party.  Normally, I'd laugh and make fun of the idea.  Come on now, pick your bestest of best friends.  Kevin, however, has lots of bestest of best friends, and I struggled to keep up.  I got my 8 ladies, though.  This is going to one hell of a wedding.

So our guest list is a little under 200 people.  So, I guess I need a decent sized venue, huh?  This is going to cost an arm and a leg.  I was hoping that by planning the wedding almost 3 years in advance, maybe we would get a discount, or have more time to save money.

That's by next part of trying to plan my wedding is saving money.  I'm broke.  When I tell you I'm broke, I tell this to you in a very honest and very sad tone.  I'm seriously hardcore broke.  I have a large amount of student loans.  An obscene amount, actually.  This has been a big discussion on the radio.  I listen to talk radio on my drive to and from work.  One day, they had callers call in about how much they owe in student loans, and I was in tears.  All of these people talked about they owe so much money, but they owed at least $20,000 less than me.  Parents were calling up about how they help their kids pay the loans.  My parents provide me with a roof over my head, a car, car insurance, a cell phone, and food.  That helps a lot.  I appreciate what my parents do for me.  It just makes me mad that people are complaining about owing so much money, but their parents are paying for it.  On top of that, the kids are still living at home!  Some people just make me sick.

Anyways, I've been trying to come up with clever money saving ideas.  I'm thinking of making a decorated change jar for the family to drop their unwanted change in.  Maybe sell some things on EBay.  This will be thought out further in the future.

This is a problem for future Gen.  Present Gen is going to make dinner.  :)


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